Jersey City is putting residents’ lives in their neighbors’ hands

As filed for The World on August 31, 2015.

Jersey City is just across the water from lower Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty. About 40 percent of the town’s residents were born outside the United States, and more than half the city speaks a language other than English at home, according to the most recent census data. So, it’s perhaps no surprise that Jersey City is embracing a style of emergency medical services that, until now, has only existed abroad.

Remembering Ray Davis, King of Bluegrass Radio

abc ray davis

Friend and colleague, the legendary bluegrass broadcaster Ray Davis, died December 3 of leukemia at the age of 81. Ray was a one-of-a-kind storyteller with a voice made for radio. Most of his stories were about the people and music he played on the air.

For decades he introduced and hung out with country music stars at concerts and festivals, including people like Hank Williams, Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash, and The Stanley Brothers.

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Meet the cowboys who helped rebuild Europe after WWII

So-called “sea going cowboys” helped wrangle farm animals on ships that crossed the Atlantic after WWII. Sixty years later the men gathered to tell stories and learn how the organization they served has evolved into a modern day aid group called Heifer International.

From the public radio program Metro Connection in August of 2005.

Piloting POTUS Across DC and Around the World

Marine Corp. Captain Charlene Thoreen poses in front of a helicopter.

In the latest installment of DC Gigs we meet Marine Corps Captain Charlene Thoreen based in Quantico, Virginia. If you live around the Washington region you’ve probably seen her before, flying overhead in the black and white helicopters used to carry the President. Marines call the helicopters “white tops.” The rest of us call them Marine One.

Thoreen says her job is never the same, and that’s part of the appeal. The HMX1 squadron is the largest in the Marine Corps, with about eighty pilots. That’s because they support the President wherever he is in the world, and as Thoreen explains, there’s more to that than you might think. For example, HMX has to disassemble the helicopters to transport them overseas, and it takes several days to get them back together again.

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The new dentist’s office has aromatherapy, puppies, and Botox

From the Marketplace Morning Report

About 50 million Americans say they’re scared of the dentist. Wikipedia has an entry for “dental fear.” There’s even a professional scale for measuring that anxiety. However, music and a foot massage may go a long way toward luring fearful patients into the dental chair. At least, that’s the bet being made at so-called dental spas, which are cropping up all over the world.

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