Looking For Work? Cybersecurity Firms Are Hiring

The D.C. region is home to the hottest market for cybersecurity jobs in the nation. Cybersecurity deals with keeping information safe — everything from your recent Target purchase to the most sensitive of intelligence at the NSA. There were 23,000 postings for cybersecurity jobs here last year. That’s the largest concentration anywhere in the country, roughly double Silicon Valley and San Francisco combined.

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Immigrants Fear it Will Get Harder to Send Money Home

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Somali-American women at a fundraiser in Falls Church, Virginia. The proceeds will be sent to Somalia via a money transfer service, as the other option is to fly there with cash. There are no banks in Somalia.

A remittance may be the most common financial transaction you’ve never heard of. That’s what it’s called when an immigrant sends money to someone living in another country. More than a million immigrants call the D.C. region home, and the Inter-American Development Bank estimates 90% have made one of these money transfers. Last year, global remittances were valued at $530 billion.

While using a money transfer service is just as legal as using an ATM, because it involves cross border transactions to places like Somalia, there’s a perception of risk. That’s led some banks in the US and Europe to close the accounts of remittance companies, which in effect shuts them down.

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