Times Square Ivory Crush

Coverage of the federal government’s crush of a ton of illegal elephant ivory in Times Square in June 2015 for NPR Newscast. Despite public displays like this one, poachers are still finding a market for illegal ivory on American streets, thanks to the US’s confusing and hard-to-enforce poaching laws. Interior Secretary Sally Jewell, and a host of state governors, say they are working to close loopholes.

Global Mayors Sign Climate Pact at UN Sustainable Development Summit

Mayors of cities from around the globe gathered in NYC for the UN Summit on Sustainable Development. Many of these leaders also signed some tough new climate goals aiming to reduce carbon pollution by at least 80%, as compared to a 1990 benchmark. That’s less than 2-tons per person. For context, each American currently produces about 18-tons.

For NPR Newscast on 9-25-2015